The conversion between Java classes requires only additional annotation, reducing the tedious and error-prone development task


Based on the annotation processors, all of the generation is done at compile time


Property conversions are based on getter/setter methods in the class


Support JDK8~17、SpringBoot2~3

Multi-class conversion

Support for a single class to configure multiple type conversions

Conversion between Map and Object

More powerful map-to-object functionality

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Latest Version

  • maven
  • gradle
implementation group: 'io.github.linpeilie', name: 'mapstruct-plus-spring-boot-starter', version: '1.4.3'

Change Log


  • feat: Added spring-lazy option to ComponentModel for lazy loading Spring Beans, resolving mutual dependency issues, and set this option as the default configuration.
  • fix: Fixed the issue where the default configuration for unmappedTargetPolicy was not effective.
  • enhance: Optimized IDEA local development build efficiency, reducing build time and metaspace usage to some extent.Issue #89open in new window


  • feat: Added the mapperNameSuffix attribute to the AutoMapper annotation. This supports adding a suffix to the generated conversion interface name, and the reverse conversion interface will be effective under the default rules.
  • feat: Adapted the Mapper annotation to support the following attributes: unmappedSourcePolicy, unmappedTargetPolicy, typeConversionPolicy, collectionMappingStrategy, nullValueMappingStrategy, nullValueIterableMappingStrategy, nullValuePropertyMappingStrategy, nullValueCheckStrategy, and mappingControl.
  • feat: Adapted the Mapping annotation to support the following attributes: constant, qualifiedBy, nullValueCheckStrategy, nullValuePropertyMappingStrategy, and mappingControl.
  • feat: Adapted MapStruct configuration to support the following attributes: typeConversionPolicy, collectionMappingStrategy, nullValueIterableMappingStrategy, nullValueMapMappingStrategy, nullValueCheckStrategy, mappingControl, unexpectedValueMappingException, and suppressTimestampInGenerated.
  • fix: Resolved the issue of class name conflicts generated in different packages within the same module.
  • feat: Added the reverseConvertGenerate attribute to the AutoMapping annotation to control whether to generate reverse conversion logic, adapting to more complex application scenarios.
  • fix: Fixed the issue of conversion rule conflicts when both parent and child classes are configured in targetClass.
  • fix: Resolved class name conflicts of configuration classes and proxy classes in different modules.
  • feat: Added the useEnums attribute to AutoMapper, supporting manual configuration of required enums for conversion, solving the issue of automatic conversion of enums across modules.
  • Optimized the logic for generating conversion interfaces.


  • Optimize complex object conversion logic, take up less meta-space! and faster!
  • Get rid of dependencies such as hutool, which currently only rely on MapStruct in the project.
  • The adaptation object loop nesting scenario
  • feature#63open in new window AutoMappingReverseAutoMapping supports qualifiedByName,conditionQualifiedByName,and dependsOn properties.
  • issue#I93Z2Zopen in new window AutoMappings supports configuration on methods.

Points to note for upgrading 1.4.0

  • 1.4.0 and later versions, complex object comparisons reply on ConvertMapperAdapter generated in the project, which may cause NoSuchMethodError exceptions under multiple modules because the Class Loading mechanism will load only one, of course, this problem has been around before, and the odds are probably lower, so be sure to configure the adapterPackage to avoid this problem with multiple modules.
  • Map to object conversions still rely on class conversions in hutool, and additional hutool-core dependencies need to be introduced if this functionality is required.


  • Compatible with internal class conversion.
  • The targetClass in the AutoMapping annotation supports configuring the parent class.
  • AutoMapperConfig and AutoMapMapperConfig package and class name generated automatically by the framework support configuration.
  • Supports AutoMapping annotations configured in the parent class.


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