The previous sections, which were all about configuring transformation logic on entity classes, were mainly applied at the compile stage. In practice, the framework provides the Converter class to perform the concreate transformation logic.

This class provides the following methods for type conversion:

  • <S, T> T convert(S source, Class<T> targetType)

Passes in the object and the target type to be converted, and finally returns an intance object of the target type.

  • <S, T> T convert(S source, T target)

Passes in the source object and target object, finally returns target object, and eventually converting the properties in the source object to the target object.

This method differs from the above in that it returns an incoming taring object, whereas the above method return a new object.

  • <S, T> List<T> convert(List<S> source, Class<T> targetType)

This method converts a collection of source types(source) to a collection of target types(targetType)

  • <T> T convert(Map<String, Object> map, Class<T> target)

This method converts a Map<String, Object> to an instance object of the target type.

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